ssa_fB_LogoSo today…over two years into my marriage…I finally made it to the Social Security office to begin the process of changing my name.

What’s funny is that I knew from even before I got married that I wanted to change my name. And yet I fought against it–mainly because of the annoying time constraints. The office is only open from 9am to 3pm. So if you have to work in order to eat and pay rent, as I do, those hours seem really pointless. And because I only receive a certain number of vacation/sick days a year I most assuredly didn’t want to use one for something other than vacation or being sick.

Anyway…I got up, I misread the directions but still managed to make it there by 9:15am. Already the tiny little office was filled with people. I got in line. I got my number. I sat. I waited. I people watched. Kids played around me, adults yelled at people on other sides of glass windows, security guards patrolled around the waiting room telling people they couldn’t sit in certain chairs. Seriously. The place is completely filled with people standing against the walls and the security guards were going around telling people they couldn’t sit in certain chairs. I gave up my seat to a little kid. I gave up my seat to an older couple.

I proceeded to sit and wait for an hour and 45 minutes. I wasn’t to upset about it–having known this was coming. I didn’t actually get angry about it until I saw someone who had come in only a few minutes ago suddenly have their number called and get to go before me. Um..what? How does that work? I couldn’t figure out the numbering process. Q121. A455. R775. R775. R775. Oh wait, that’s me!

I cheerfully greeted the lady at the window–handing her my ticket, my ID and all the forms necessary to name change due to marriage. She grumbled at me. Ok, so someone wasn’t having a good day. I smiled and asked how her day was. No response. She began typing. “You’re changing your name?” She grumbled at me. “Yes, thank you.” I smiled. She glared at me and went back to typing. I spent years working customer service. I’ve been on that other side of the glass, all though for me it was a counter. When I was having a bad day I was always appreciative of those who were polite and cheerful to me. Apparently not so much for my lady.

Five minutes later she asks me all the typical “you’re not perjuring yourself” questions, handed me a ‘receipt’ and with a wave of her hand I was done. She didn’t say good bye. I said, “Thank you, have a great day!” smiled and left.

So for all the horror stories, despite a long wait and a less than nice SSA employee it all was relatively painless.

I’m guessing when I head to the DMV to continue the process of changing my name, it won’t be nearly as painless.