This weekend I attended a wine festival with the full intention of not only having a blast with my friend but gaining something to blog about. I full anticipated it would be a review of the wine festival, that made logical sense to me. But of course with writing what I got was not what I thought it would. Hopefully it’s something better. It’s just a description of the day. But only through my senses-sight, sound, touch, taste and hearing. With a smattering of what I felt emotionally thrown in there for good measure.

As I parked my car and hopped out the breeze was first to touch my face. Cool and exhilarating pulling a smile and excitement from deep within my sleepy head. I knew then this was going to be a different kind of day. It was day where I went from feeling the sun heat up my skin, making sweat bubble in that not uncomfortable way, just that warm last blast of summer way. Cooled off by a breeze gently coming over a hill as I looked at hats and wraps and jewelry. Watching the joy on my friends face as she tried on great big sun hats, tight felt 1920’s hats and straw cowboy hats with leather trim.  Her joy was as infectious and as exhilarating as the breeze and I found myself smiling and laughing with her. We moved on to trying some wine. The bite of flavors ranged from sweet to bitter and one infused with brandy that left me wide-eyed. My taste buds were over loaded so it seemed like a simple plate of bread and cheese to return my brain to normal. And then of course I got completely lost in fresh mozzarella. It was so soft and creamy and seriously the best cheese I’d had in a long time. It seems like such a tiny thing but it was perfection, as this day was quickly becoming.

A few hours were spent sitting near a fountain talking and people watching. The shade kept the worst of the sun from scorching but the breeze could still be felt, now rippling across the fountain and giving us the occasional light misting. Laughter, loud and raucous, soft and giggling assaulted me from every side and yet it was calming. Children, couples, older friends, everyone around us was smiling, laughing, enjoying this sensory day.

Upon leaving the wine festival I thought my day would return to normal. Which in most aspects it did, except for when we decided to go bowling. If you’ve already spent the day reveling in what your skin feels and your ears hear a bowling alley is an exceptional experience. The lights are bright enough to make you fall into them. The crack of ball on pins and the shatter as they fall, in its repetition becomes a song. Again laughter, this time weaved throughout chattering and trash talk becomes the harmony to the pins. As the time passes you lose yourself in this song, adding your voice to it. Feeling the muscles in your arm and legs twinge as you throw the ball, feel them relax again as you spin around to cheer the fact you actually hit a pin, instead of the dull thump of a gutter-ball. This time there was no breeze to cool the sweat from my skin, so I felt the flush of heat creep up my neck and checks, deepening to heat at my ears. My pale skin I knew now was flushed and spotted with the heat. But my grin was still wide and my eyes bright with laughter. I couldn’t imagine a better day.

The day closed as my head fell into the pillow. My friend’s guest room has one of the greatest pillows of all time. It molds to my head and cradles my dreams. I was asleep within seconds, soft and comfortable, lost in my dreams that were pale in comparison to the day.