So I have a cold and I’m taking Sudafed to relieve some of the more painful symptoms. It’s the non-drowsy kind that doesn’t make me really drowsy but certainly adds some spacey balloon head brain. So that’s where I was when I started listening to Disney soundtracks. They’re my go-to on Friday afternoon’s to get through the last bit of work for the week. Well apparently mixed with Sudafed they induce a great childlike inability to NOT sing out loud. Granted the adult equivalent of that is to type the lyrics as fast as I can into G-chat and send to my friends to make them guess what I’m listening to. Suffice it say when one receives random Disney lyrics out of no where it can be pretty confusing. Yet all my friends got the answers right. So I wonder if it’s really the Sudafed…

When looking for a good image to go with this article I found this image below. It’s from http://loyalkng.com/2010/07/25/disney-princess-designs-superhero-stylised-punk-halloween-by-helleetitch/


I mean come on, Disney Princesses as SUPERHEROS! It’s like it was made for me! The link has some great punk princesses and Halloween princesses.