Here’s how it works: Pick a time each day for next two weeks, grab your pen or keyboard,
sit down and write a story based on the writing prompt provided for that day. It’s that easy.
The Writing Prompt Boot Camp provides creative exercises that will help you knock the
dust off your muse and get your writing muscles in shape. (Wish me luck!)

Day one: Breaking Up With Writer’s Block


Dear Writer’s Block, 

You’ve had a hold on my imagination for far too long. I have allowed you to worm your way into my dreams and take control of my thoughts and feelings. I’ve given so much to you as the years have steadily moved on. I’ve ranted and raved at you, expecting you to just go away. I waited patiently for that great big idea to come along–even though you had built the wall between my dreams and passions and me. 

I’ve had enough. Go away. I don’t need you any more. I will not use you as a crutch to not write. I will not use you as a crutch to not move forward with my dreams. I have the idea already. I’ve just been afraid to write, using you as my excuse. No more. 

Thanks for all the non-existent fun times. I shan’t miss you. 


Alice and Eve