The One That Got Away
You bump into an ex-lover on Valentine’s Day—the one whom you often call “The One That Got Away.” What happens?

(As this has never happened to me and I don’t actually have “one that got away” the following is entirely fictional).


I knew I needed a change. I had new goals and I needed to move to a new city to achieve those goals. So move I did.  As a girl from a small town moving to such a large city should have been overwhelming and strange. Instead it was perfection! I had found my home, the place I was meant to be. I had a brand new job that was low-level but still absolute perfection to achieve my life goals. I had a new apartment, dressed up and decorated the way i saw fit–not a compromise with room mates, significant others or parents. It was all mine and even in its hole in the wall size it was all I had ever dreamed of.

I had been in the City for a few weeks. I’d finely learned the perfect short cut to walk from work to the best little deli for lunch. It was a Friday so I had a longer lunch than normal and was grateful of the nice weather to be able to sit outside and read while I ate. Just as I was reaching to open the door to the deli I glimpsed a familiar profile out of the corner of my eye. I of course then proceeded to not be able to open the door and slammed nose-first into the glass door. Like any rational person I then cried out in pain, positive I had broken my nose. The familiar profile turned towards me just in time to witness my spectacular non-entrance.

“Sophie?” The voice was exactly as I remembered it, slow, soft and thick with its homely southern drawl. I felt my knees melt and knew this was the worse day ever.

“Jason, hi!” I gave a cheerful wave and stepped away from the door, trying desperately to ignore my face print on the glass.

“Sophie! Are you all right?” Before I could barely take a step he was beside me, his hand on my nose, gently touching it, searching for anything broken. I inhaled and smelled the same outdoorsy smell of sunshine that always surrounded this man.

“Fine! I’m fine!” I tried not to swat at his hands. He was concerned, it wasn’t his fault I was lost in the memory of the last time I’d seen him.

Jason had moved because his parents and sister had been killed in a car crash and he just couldn’t stay in our hometown anymore. The last time I had seen him he had been driving away in his beat up old truck and I’d been crying hysterically–more at myself for being too afraid to move with the man I was in love with than at the fact he was leaving. A torch had burnt inside me for years for this man. I unconsciously compared every person I’d ever dated afterwards to this man. No one smelled right, no one talked right. He was the only person who could make me comfortable and lost at the same time. I had never expected to see him again–let alone in the City five years after we had broken up.

“Sophie…God. It’s been so long! You look amazing! What are you doing here?” Excitement laced his voice and his deep sunset blue eyes sparkled like sun on water. He lightly took hold of my elbow and lead me to an empty table outside the deli.

“I eat here everyday.” I said stupidly. I hadn’t seen this man in five years and all I could come up with was I eat here everyday?

“Really? In the City?” His dimples disappeared into his confused frown.

“Yeah. I live here now. I just moved here, about a month ago.”


His eyes were scanning my face. And I realized that as we had sat down his hand had never left my elbow.  I could feel his body heat radiating off of him. I felt a flush creep up my skin. Just sitting this close brought up so many memories and they all came flooding back, washing over me and bringing a soft smile to my face. He echoed my smile.

Suddenly lunch was no longer an issue.