It’s a loud restaurant. TV’s are blaring baseball. People at the bar are cheering at the TV’s. Music is blaring out of the speakers. Everyone is talking to be heard over the baseball, cheering and music. You’re catching up with friends, laughing and talking emphatically with your hands. You happen to glance up, past the friend you’re talking to, and in the random moment you catch someone’s eye. You of course quickly try to look away–as it’s not polite to just stare at a stranger. But you pause for a second because those deep brown eyes are as familiar to you as your own.

In fact they belong to one of your best friends. She gives you that surprised grin–the same one you know is echoed on your face. In seconds she’s jumped up from her seat and is coming over to say hello.

The joy of running into a friend is always ecstatic. I had just talked to her a few hours before so we each knew the other was going out, just not to where. Even when you see the friend often, and talk every day, that surprise and random running into them is such a rush. A thrill. A crazy random happenstance.

There’s nothing like that happy surprised hug combined with “Oh my God, WHAT are you doing HERE?” 944136_10151735263236202_1330808931_n

(Picture above is me and the friend I ran into last night, on a trip we took this summer.)