If you’ve never had a panic attack I wouldn’t recommend them. They’re different for everyone but I can assure not a single person who suffers from them wants anyone to suffer them.

I had one this morning and it was a full-blown panic attack–as I haven’t had in a good long while. The most fun part is I don’t know exactly what triggered it this time–which happens occasionally. But when they come out of no where and you’re not prepared, it makes it that much harder to calm yourself down and breathe/think your way out/through them.


For me is starts with that cold wave down your entire body. The one that leaves you clammy and feverish feeling. Then a flush creeps up my body and I can feel my temperature spike. I break out in a sweat and get slammed with vertigo. This is usually the point where if I can sit down and take deep breaths I can calm myself down and breathe my way out. But with the attacks that come out of nowhere this is the part where I start to freak out and hyperventilating.

Hyperventilating and crying hysterically. Doing those two things simultaneously makes it very difficult to breathe. I can almost feel an invisible hand wrapped around my lungs preventing me from taking deep breaths. Sometimes I throw up. Luckily this was not one of those times. I raced to get a cold cloth on the back of my neck, that helps cool me down, and stops me from feeling dizzy.  Which makes it easier to take deep breaths, slow my heart rate and aim towards the “normal”.

Of course having an attack this morning, out of the blue, left me with a headache and a grumpy mood. Hopefully a little bit of headache medicine and some loud music will get me all back in working order. That usually does the trick.

It helps that it’s Friday. And the weather is beautiful.