Anyone who works a full-time job knows the joys of a work/life balance. You’re juggling all you have to do at work, all you need to do for your family, what you need to do for you and if you’re in a relationship that factors into the balance as well, and if you have kids you’re only adding to your balancing issues. With technology the way it is these days you’re never fully “unplugged” as they say. You can check your work and personal email from your phone, and constantly. You can receive text messages and phone calls from friends and family at any hour of the day.

So how do you keep a sane work/life balance (it’s different for everyone) and STILL manage to take time out of your day to write? At this stage I have no idea. I go weeks where I have the spare time (and energy) to write and so I get blogs up and I spend time working on my novel. Then the next week work gets twice as busy (and I’m already overloaded as it is) and I don’t have the time or energy to write a blog, let alone pick up the novel I’ve been working on for years and slog through the writer’s block to re-find that story.

I tried daily writing prompts. Including one even titled “Writing Prompt Boot Camp”. Three days. I made it three days through a boot camp. So obviously that kind of writing style and prompts were just not for me. As a fantasy/fiction writer I find it hard many times to work with prompts as they force to me write outside my genre. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing–in fact I think it’s a great learning experience to practice writing in different genres and styles than your comfort. But when you’re struggling to find the balance, writing out of your genre is more of a struggle and feels more energy draining.

So what do you to keep writing when you don’t have the time? What keeps you motivated? What helps break through writer’s block?