Tell us about a time you couldn’t quite get your words or images to express what you wanted to express. What do you think the barrier was? For bonus points, try again.

This is almost a daily occurrence with me. I get overly excited, or I’m overly tired, or any sort of great and heightened emotion. My brain is going faster than my mouth is able to go and I end up stumbling over my words, leaving out words, combining words into gibberish. Most often I give myself my ‘pep talk’ of “And in English…” and then am able to slow myself down and make myself understood.

Lately though, due to high stress, and the unbalance of panic attacks I’ve lost my tongue more often than normal. And it’s harder to find my way back. Because while I realize that what I just said was not coherent I can’t find my way inside my own head to figure out what it was I was attempting to say.  Then I have to play the fun exercise where you wander aimlessly from place to place trying to find that exact spot you were when you first had that thought that you’ve now forgotten.

Over the years I’ve learned that I don’t talk the same way most people do. I talk the way I think. If it comes across my brain it comes out of my mouth–whether it’s a fully formed thought or not. My friends have somehow learned to decipher “Brittany-speak” but there are days when my husband will give me this blank look. He’s a very deliberate speaker. He doesn’t say things until he’s thought them out clearly and words them just so–that way everyone will understand what he’s trying to communicate. My babbling and constant chatter, sharing all I’m thinking, is very confusing to him. Especially as I get excited and begin to leave out words and run things together.

In my head I’m saying it in such a way that everyone would understand me. What’s coming out of my mouth isn’t even close but I don’t connect the two. I can’t because in the moment I’m quite determined that what I said was exactly what was in my head. It’s lead to a few miscommunications and disagreements. But we’ve both learned different ways to communicate. I’m learning to slow down so that what I’m thinking can form and be spoken coherently. My husband is learning to speed up and just go with the flow. Can’t say we’ve got it down perfectly, but communication is something you’re constantly working on.