Getting writing prompts in theory seems like a great idea to force oneself over the hump of writer’s block. They’re supposed to get you thinking, get your brain motivated and working.

I’ve come to realize, as we all do with many things in our lives, that just because something sounds great, seems great in theory, that once it’s put into practice it may not always work. It’s partly because some of my writer’s block stems from just not having the energy to write, so even if I have a prompt I’m not going to be able to write about it because I don’t have the energy.

The other thing is that if the prompt doesn’t inspire me, awake my muse, it doesn’t really help me get over the writer’s block. The prompt I wrote on the other day (regarding freeing the princess from the tower was the first prompt that really woke my muse up.

So if prompt’s aren’t going to work (mostly) how do I get over my writer’s block? Ah…that’s the question isn’t it.

Power of Words