Writing Prompt: You are a letter lost in the mail. 

This isn’t where I’m supposed to be. I know it. Those around me know it. I’m adrift in the world and my address is no longer being read. I’m shuffled along with those with purpose and direction–we’re headed where they need to be. I’m being dragged along, I blend in so well, but this isn’t where I’m supposed to be.

Final destination. Hands are wrapped around me, eyes scanning furiously. They know. I’m not supposed to be here. How will they react? Will they reject me? Will they return me? Will I ever get where I’m supposed to be?

My journey begins anew. I pray this time I arrive. I have a specific destination–a place I know I’m supposed to be. I’ve waited so long to arrive. Please, please, please–let me get where I belong!