Today is December 18th, 2013. This day, one month from now, January 18th, 2014–will be a milestone birthday. 30. Thirty. Third decade.

I just read a blog entitled: Am I an Adult? (Can Not Be Determined At This Time) ( I have been thinking for basically the past year about my upcoming birthday and this blog had all those thoughts resurfacing. I will borrow her format and see what I see.

Adult:  I have a full-time, 9-5 job, with benefits, healthcare, 401k–the whole shabang. A consistent paycheck (with occasional compensation “bonuses”). 


Non-adult: Anytime there is even the hint of bad weather I’m up early, checking, waiting, hoping, praying for work to be CLOSED. (Which of course it never is).


Adult: I am married (for just under 3 years) to a pretty awesome guy who ALSO has a full-time, 9-5(ish) job, with benefits, healthcare, 401k.


Non-adult: Our favorite date night includes alcohol and playing online/video games. In fact there was a time before jobs got in the way this was a regular occurrence where we even gave each other headsets for Valentine’s day.


Adult: We have our own home. No room mates, no living paycheck to paycheck to make the rent. And when we brought our kitties home we added a little extra to the rent, without our landlord having to ask us.


Non-adult: We live in a one bedroom apartment-that I can’t seem to remember needs to be cleaned. I still wait until the absolute last-minute to do laundry (i.e. I could always buy new underwear and socks. No-I guess I’ll wash the ones I have).


Adult: I’ve decided to have a birthday party this year and don’t want to break my budget doing so. And I don’t want to get so drunk I can’t remember the night. I’m inviting my parents.


Non-adult: I’m having a Batman themed bowling party!!!!!!!!!

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Conclusion: I’m an adult (HOLY CRAP WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?!??!?!). With a young heart. And some issues regarding routine and habits.

Third Decade Goals: Get those routines in order. Get good habits going. Stop worrying so much about the damn number and more about the next stage of my life that’s beginning and will be more awesome than the one before it. I mean come on–20’s may be a life of partying and exploration of self. But it comes complete with living paycheck to paycheck, debt and the build up of bad habits. 30’s is a decade of stability. I know who I am. I know what I want. I have the means (mostly) to get it.