images (2)Everything is suddenly in slow motion. Your right foot is pressed down so hard that your toes are starting to bend back. The ball of your foot is numb but you continue to press down even harder.

Your feel your neck and head snap forward. Each vertebra clicks forward, sending a shock down through your shoulders. Your hair swings past your face and you watch it catch in a breeze you can’t feel or see. You’ve barely registered this when it’s flowing backwards and line a fish on a hook, your entire head follows it back.

Time resumes it normal pace as your head connects with the head rest. Pain blossoms outward to reach your temples, and settles in your head for what you know will become a massive headache. You squint your eyes, flinching as the sound of your car horn seems to gain traction inside your ear canal, racing to join the pain in your temples.

Looking up you notice your front bumper is mere millimeters from the back bumper of the car in front of you. The driver raises their hand as if to apologize. You wave back–still angry but trying not to let it get to you.

Because really–a complete stop to turn left? With no turn signal. Seriously?

(Writing Prompt: You slam on the brakes)