It’s now that time of year when everyone is making resolutions and promises to themselves that we all know come February will have gotten lost in the shuffle of life. Gym memberships and weight loss supplements will skyrocket in the number of those participating. Again come February no one will even remember why they spent all that money in the first place.

Honestly I spend more time this time of year trying to remember what year it is. Writing it down or saying it incorrectly and it is not until a few minutes have passed that I realize that no it’s not 2012 it’s 2013. It’s not 2013 it’s 2014.

But this year I did make a resolution. I started it at the end of 2013. I bought a gym membership. I bought personal training sessions. I set a goal weight. I set the overall goal of being healthy and starting good habits.  I am prepared for the ups and downs that come with changing my lifestyle habits. I’m hoping that because I started it BEFORE the holidays that maybe it will stick. At the very least come February I know I won’t have forgotten my resolution. 

My husband and I both have goals for this year. Things we want to do, to achieve, to change. Personally, in our relationship and at work. All of these goals we have committed to working on together–as each time we accomplish something together it makes all those other goals seem easier to reach. 


Me and the Husband ringing in the New Year!

So good luck to everyone with your resolutions! Except to see the daily, weekly, monthly struggle on here of me striving to reach those goals I’ve set. 

And hopefully I’ll remember it’s 2014. (Thanks to the backspace key I typed that correctly!)