Anyone else have those days where it doesn’t matter what you do you can’t seem to focus? That’s the kind of day I’m having.

I’ve gotten up and walked around the office–stretching my legs and trying to activate my brain. Nothing.

I snacked and had some water. Nothing major because of my new work on making healthy eating, healthy weight, healthy exercise a habit. But you know–almonds. Crunchy little almonds. All that did was make me wish I could eat the entire container of almonds. (Thankfully I ignored that bad habit thought).

I played some energizing music. I played calming music. Nada. Zilch. Nothing.

I can NOT focus today. I start on something and ten minutes later find myself staring off into space and realize I’ve been doing that for probably 9 minutes. I can’t finish anything. I can stay working on one thing for more than 30 seconds (not exaggerating on that!).

I don’t feel sleepy or antsy. Just completely lost the ability to focus. On anything. Even this blog post. I started writing it about 15 minutes ago. I’ve also answered two emails. Clicked through four different songs on Spotify. Checked Facebook.

Focus. Gone. Anyone suggestions on how to get it back?