So in my quest/adventure to good healthy habits part of which includes losing this extra weight I’ve found and decided to drag along for the past few years, I’ve invested in a personal trainer.

Today is the day after our third meeting. And I can’t walk. She was working on strengthening my knee (which mostly thanks to extra weight suffers from pain and the acute ability to tell when the pressure has changed outside). So now my legs are burning and as the day has gone on I can barely get out of my chair. Let’s just say squats are seriously going to be the death of me.

Not to mention I made the rookie mistake of telling my trainer that I was tired. May I please send out the warning to any and all who go for a personal trainer to NEVER tell them you’re tired. They will seriously make you regret your words!

Yeah--we don't sit. I may fall down, but we don't sit.

Yeah–we don’t sit. I may fall down, but we don’t sit.

Anyway–where I was going with this–I recommend getting a personal trainer. Especially if you’re like me and you’re basically a newbie to this whole working out thing. A few years ago I went on a running kick and was doing really well. I lost 20 lbs and ran (oh who are we kidding, jogged/walked) a few 5k’s. But then life happened and I gained that weight back and THEN some.

So in December I told myself 2014 (my 3oth year!) was going to be a good year. I was going to get healthy and trade my bad habits in for better ones. So I begin calorie counting and really paying attention to what I’m eating and how much of it I’m eating. With a friend I joined a gym and invested in a personal trainer.

My trainer was absolutely giddy at the prospect of getting a gym-virgin. I had no bad habits or ideas of how the personal training would go. She had a nice clean slate to start from. Not to say I have no bad habits–I apparently love to push with the toes instead of my heels. I swear one day she’s going to superglue my feet to the weight machine and/or floor. I also, thanks to a hip that’s crooked–which makes that whole leg turn inwards slightly–have some amazing ability to turn my knees in on EVERYTHING–even things I probably shouldn’t be able to do. We’re working on those issues.

My trainer is really great–a perfect match for me. She pushes me and encourages me to push myself. But she doesn’t judge my idiosyncrasies and accepts when I begrudgingly admit to a limit. She keeps the sessions happy and upbeat, full of laughter so that I don’t notice that I’m learning good habits.

With my experience I would most certainly recommend getting a personal trainer. It’s already been a great boost in confidence for me and I’ve had an amazing experience. I just warn everyone–if you’re not having fun (even when you think you’re dying) then you don’t have the right trainer. They have to push you and you may want to call them less than kind names as you work through all the pain–but it should still be exhilarating and fun.

(This is my kick ass trainer!