At the beginning of April I went to my first convention-Awesome Con 2014 (in Washington DC).

Background on my fandoms: Absolutely in LOVE with anything Joss Whedon, so of course that includes Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, and Avengers. I am a big Doctor Who fan (preferably of the new regeneration). I’m becoming a Supernatural fangirl (oh Jensen Ackles!). Thankfully I’m old enough to recognize that the actors on these shows are not their characters, and that these are the be all end all of life. But I can honestly (as you will shortly learn) totally FANGIRLED OUT at the convention. 


(sorry for the blur, was walking!)

I bought the tickets for Saturday of the convention–and happily spent the extra money to get a professional photo-op with Billie Piper (Rose on Doctor Who, was also in Diary of a Call Girl which I haven’t seen). My husband agreed to come with me but was not down for the whole cosplay deal. So I appeased him by simply wearing a Union Jack, chucks, Tardis earrings, necklace and hair bows. It was very low-key (for me AND for the convention).

We arrived early, at 9am. Stood in line to get our prepaid tickets (went very quickly). Then stood in line to wait for the doors to open at 10am. Since the ticket line went so fast this wait was a little longer. But it gave me time to look around and see all the happy cosplay around me. I counted numerous regenerations of the Doctor–heavy on the Matt Smith and David Tennant side. And of course there was so many different people in cosplay that I didn’t recognize (from anime, video games, comics I’m not familiar with, etc.) But I was pretty impressed with how much some people would go all out. It’s amazing to see an entire family in cosplay! I was also happy to see how many different people were there, everyone from young teenagers to older fans, families, couples, groups of friends. It was just EVERYONE.

Once inside it was a little confusing. You walk in to a great big concrete floor room and are immediately greeted by rows and rows of booths and tables all set up. I needed to redeem my receipt for a ticket for my Billie Piper photo booth. Thanks to my Guidebook App which including a map of the convention we were able to haul butt to the far side of the convention room and get in line. Another line. A not so fast line. Standing in this one, I began to panic I wouldn’t make my photo-op on time. It said to be there 30 minutes ahead of time! I’m a planner and get very anxious when I can’t be somewhere early. Luckily we got through this line and headed over to the line for the photo-op.

My husband went to wander the booths a bit while I stood in line. After he wandered off I realized (just by sheer dumb luck and staring at the Guidebook map) that I was standing in the wrong line. I hop skipped and jumped to the correct line. There were no signs and it wasn’t until I was in the line for about 15 minutes before the volunteers thought to mention this line was for Jewel Stait’s (Kaylee from Firefly) photo-op. But it would then TURN INTO the line for Billie Piper. So basically it was ONE line for all the photo ops. I was not happy. Lots of angry texts were sent to my husband (who thankfully didn’t get them until we got home and he turned his phone back on).

This was only the third year for Awesome Con–the first two apparently were incredibly tiny. They were not prepared for this amount of attendees. They had a great influx for Saturday due to a news piece on Friday night. While in line for my photo-op I was checking on Facebook for Awesome Con and they were apologizing for the hour-long lines just to get into the convention. Made me even happier for my over zealous and anxious ridden self that we had gotten there as early as we did. I heard stories that people waited in line for HOURS before even getting into the convention and ended up missing their photo ops.

Finally it was my turn to take my picture with Billie Piper. (They were very efficient with this line, keeping everyone moving forward, and explaining ahead of time what they needed to do). She greeted me in her soft accent and asked how my day was. I said it was great and asked how hers was. She explained that it was busy. We turned, we smiled, and then in the next five seconds I proceeded to thank her about 30 times. I could tell my inner fangirl was starting to break out. I was giddy when I came out the other side of the curtain and met my husband who was holding my bag.

Me in my Union Jack with Billie Piper, aka Rose Tyler

Me in my Union Jack with Billie Piper, aka Rose Tyler

By this point it was lunch time and we headed to the food court. Yet another line. Luckily we chit-chatted with the guy in front of us, and I spent the entire time with the biggest dorkiest grin on my face. I MET BILLIE PIPER! SHE ASKED HOW MY DAY WAS! I was on cloud nine, which was allowing me to ignore the fact that chucks plus long lines standing on concrete floor was going to equal some serious pain very quickly. After eating we headed over into the booth area to explore. I pointed out Carey Elwes and then smiled at all the cosplay of The Man in Black. Alex was excited to see people he knew who did voices on his shows. And then I saw that the line for Nicholas Brendon (Xander Harris on Buffy) was really short. We hopped into it.

I spend the entire time in line explaining to Alex about how Nicholas had an identical twin brother who was in this episode of Buffy where Nicholas did the Snoopy dance…and yes I did the Snoopy dance in line. Then it was my turn! He shook my hand, signed a picture and then said “Hugs are free. Wanna a hug?” So OF COURSE I hugged him. I asked him how I was supposed to know it was him and not his brother. He said I would just have to trust him. Then we turned, smiled and posed for the picture that my husband took. Alex and I walked away, turning a corner, where I then promptly went into fangirl mode. I was smiling, giggling, jumping up and down. And repeating “Xander hugged me! I hugged Xander! Look, he signed this!” and showing Alex my signed picture like he hadn’t just watched the entire scene unfold. I’m embarrassed looking back on that moment, and so glad Alex hasn’t made fun of me for it.

Me and Nicholas Brendon (XANDER!!!!)

Me and Nicholas Brendon (XANDER!!!!)

Wandering around Alex mentioned that he wanted to get his picture taken with Kevin Sorbo (Hercules). I wasn’t about to say no, so in line we went. This was another long line–Kevin took a little break in the middle. I couldn’t really complain though, because as he walked away for his five-minute break he was still greeting people and waving at fans who called out his name. When he came back the lined moved quickly and soon it was our turn for our picture. I must say, he’s MUCH taller than I thought he was–even though I knew he was pretty tall. And that man is all muscle. Like insanely so.

Me, Hercules and Alex :)

Me, Hercules and Alex 🙂

Next we went to stand in line to take our pictures in the Tardis photo booth. This was a longer line and by this point I was reaching my limit. All the standing, all the people, my anxiety was starting to reach the breaking point. So after playing like little kids in the photo booth we proceeded out of the convention center to head home and rest out sore feet.

Alex and me and the Sexy Tardis

Alex and me and the Sexy Tardis


Alex and I booth had a great time. I would highly recommend this convention to anyone who asks. I look forward to when they work out on their sign and line kinks. But otherwise I would say it was pretty damn AWESOME!