For my degree the greatest obstacle for graduating was the internship. In college I wasn’t just at transfer student (that comes with an entire host of its own problems) but I was also older than most of my peers. The program was new and the advisers at orientation weren’t quite as knowledgeable or helpful as they should have been. By the time I got to my “senior” year and doing my internship I was pretty well turned off in regards to college in general. I knew the internship was what I needed to graduate and thankfully I had a positive experience with my practicum (basically a mini internship) the semester before. So when I was accepted to the internship (non-paid of course) that I’d applied to I was excited to be starting something that could lead to a real, adult job–and be DONE with school.

The job itself was relatively easy. I was learning the in and outs of events as done at a hotel. I was excited to be working side by side with people who had been in the industry for years–people I thought would become my mentors or at the very least someone who could help me get a job once I graduated. I worked hard–I always loved work more than school and it was so great to be back in that mode.

And then I got a phone call from my internship adviser. I needed to come in and discuss my internship. I may need to go to a disciplinary hearing.  Insert my complete shock. I had no idea what they were even talking about. They said they would explain to me once I came in. So I set up an appointment and was in meeting with all three internship advisers the next morning.

They explained to me that the woman I was interning with had expressed complaints that I wasn’t doing my job and that I was falsifying my weekly reports. I felt as if someone had dropped a concrete block and anvil on my head. WHAT? This couldn’t be happening. I explained how she had signed off on EVERY single weekly reports that I had sent in. I had all my paper work in order and could prove that I had done everything I had said I’d done. I was absolutely terrified they wouldn’t believe me. Then I took one look around the table and saw the looks on their faces. They were just as distressed as I was. They even said they’d never had this happen before and weren’t sure how to handle it.

We talked for almost an hour. We came up with a plan. That afternoon it was run by the manager of the hotel as well as the front office manager of the hotel. My internship was transferred to under the front office manager and everything went smoothly from there. To this day I hold a grudge against the woman I had initially interned under.  I can’t understand why she would cry wolf like that. Why would she jeopardize my degree in such a manner?

I am thankful that she did because my internship melded into a job at the front desk of the hotel. I also gained a friend in the front office manager who also happened to be a graduate of the same program I was just finishing up. Opportunity came in the guise of adversity for which I will always be thankful. I don’t try to worry any more about the why of what happened, just focused on all the good that came out of it. And am daily reminded that hard work with the help of karma really does pay off in the end.

The garden view at the HGI where I did my internship and first job out of college!

The garden view at the HGI where I did my internship and first job out of college!