By now most people have heard of Hyperbole and Half and it’s writer Allie Brosh.

About a year or so ago I read her two blog posts on depression (both linked here: Reading these two posts (especially the second one) was completely eye-opening for me.

I knew that I suffered from depression, mostly SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and generally a mild case. But hearing how much trouble she had trying to explain depression to those who had never experienced it seriously hit the nail on the head. To the outsider it looks like extreme laziness or the complete inability to just “grow up and do what needs to be done”. When you try to explain it words like “can’t” come off as an excuse.

Luckily for me it was never so bad that I reached suicidal thoughts. But having this blog so expertly explain what it was like when you were in that state was so helpful. Not for me–but being able to share it with my husband. To finally have a way to show him what it was like when I was in a depressive state. To have him finally understand why I couldn’t.

I consider myself lucky (now especially) because I can get out of bed, I can function normally, my health isn’t adversely effected. Exercise, getting outside, focusing on the needs of others helps to pull me out of my depression. I still have anxiety and bad days, panic attacks are a lot less rare but if I’m stressed have been known to just smack me in the face. I’ve learned to recognize the signs and do what I can to not let myself get that down. I’m well aware this doesn’t work for everyone but it does for me. And having this blog be able to explain what it’s like so truthfully has been a great part.

So thank you Allie Brosh! Thank you for the words!