I read the above (link) blog post yesterday and it really struck a chord with me. Everywhere you turn these days there’s an article about Facebook etiquette or a study done about how people don’t like those who “over share” on Facebook.

So two things: 1) I would generally be categorized as an “over sharer”. 2) Lately I’ve noticed that the happier the post on Facebook (especially if it had to do with babies or houses) the more likely I was to instead of being happy for my minds would suddenly feel depressed or jealous.

This article came at just the right time. It’s not on our friends/family to know what’s going to incite jealousy from day-to-day on our personal lives. That’s insanity. It’s on us to learn to be happy for our friends/family, no matter what. Because those studies also say that we only post the good things and that naturally makes our lives look “perfect” which is of course is a blatant lie – one we all happily perpetuate.

Who wants to dwell on the bad parts about life? No one. Who wants to air their dirty laundry on social media? No one. So then why would be upset about our friends happiness? We know they’re going through stuff – they’re human – but of course they’re not going to post in as their status on Facebook.

So I’m going to focus on sharing less – at least with the more personal stuff. But more importantly I’m going to focus more on being happy for all my friends and their babies and houses and anything else that’s going well for them. I’m going to be bigger, be better.

Don't worry, Be happy

Don’t worry, Be happy