More of what’s wrong with our culture. When a woman doesn’t allow a man to kiss her she is called a bitch or other offensive names. And he’s supposedly humiliated. Completely beside the fact that when looking at the clip it just looks like bad timing – why did so many lash out so angrily?

Why does she have to allow him to kiss her? Because she’s a pretty face there to hand him his award for winning a leg of the race, and part of that reward is kissing the pretty face? Why would he be so humiliated by a rejection of a kiss? He just won stage two of the freaking Tour de France! How many people are rejected when they lean in for that kiss on a daily basis? Many people, men and women alike, read the signals wrong and go in for a kiss. Yes, it’s embarrassing and sucks to be on the rejected side. But it’s not the end of the world.

And because she allegedly rejected his advances that makes her a bitch? And suddenly ugly? There is nothing that says anyone has to kiss someone if they don’t want to. Even if that had been her significant other standing up there she has every right to not want to be kissed. Or hugged. Or touched in any manner. Every person has the right to decide what sort of affection they want. And that doesn’t make them a bitch.

How we react to situations like these are part of what builds our society and the culture in which we live. Reacting like this guy deserves to have his kisses and that she is a bitch for “rejecting” him is perpetuating so many patriarchal stereotypes.

We need to first actually look at the situation in question. It basically looks like he was doing one thing, she was called to do something different. No rejection just poor timing. And secondly even if it looks like something else we need to remember that she has rights as a human being. Just because she didn’t win the 2nd leg of the Tour de France doesn’t suddenly make her lesser and have to bow to the wishes of the man who wants to kiss her.

Let’s all just take a deep breath, calm down and some spouting patriarchal BS.