The Writer: Rainy Day Writing Prompt

Looking out the window I release a deep sigh. The clouds have rolled in faster than I thought they would and now it’s time for me to leave. I don’t know how I’m going to make it home without getting drenched. I pull out my large purse and start digging through it once more. I am once again at a loss. My umbrella is gone.

I usually keep it in the bottom of my purse – no matter what the weatherman says is the forecast for the day. It makes sense to have it with me all the time just in case. I assumed that last time it rained, once my umbrella had dried that I had returned it to it’s usual place. My disappointment was proof that that had never happened.

I get up slowly, still hoping that maybe my umbrella will appear out of nowhere. Walking slowly I take my time getting outside. I slide off my heels and tuck them in my purse, zipping it closed to protect my belongs. Before going out the door I take one last look at the dark sky.

The heavy clouds seem to be so close that I can touch them. Their bottoms are that gun metal gray that signifies great quantities of water are about to be let loose in a torrential downpour. One last sigh and I push open the door. At that same moment the clouds can no longer hold their heavy burden of water and a great wall of rain comes tumbling down.

Running across the parking lot – because today I decided to park further away to afford myself more time to walk – was going to be an adventure. I decide to take everything as it’s been presented. Without my umbrella I am going to get drenched. It doesn’t matter how fast I run; wet is still wet. So I walk at my normal pace, but with my head tilted downwards slightly.

The rain is coming down so hard I can barely see in front of me and in mere seconds my once bouncy pony-tail is now plastered to the back of my neck. At the very least the water soaking into my clothes and hair is warm. My feet are immersed in an ankle deep puddle that’s growing steadily as the rain continues to come down.

The smell of wet pavement is the last thing I notice as I am finally able to get into my car. It’s a much more comforting smell than I ever imagined it to be. I have enjoyed my time in the summer deluge…right up until I look on the passenger seat and notice my umbrella.

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