This post is a follow-up to my previous post But She’s So Beautiful.

It’s goes along the same lines of what gender has to do with what you find enjoyable. It’s mainly about this mentality that women can’t somehow be “as geeky” as men. Or that if they are being geeky that it’s somehow fake. I don’t have the words to refute this – because seriously it makes me so angry that I am judged (as are all other fangirls) on the basis that I happen to be female.

I love Doctor Who. I love Firefly. Batman is my favorite superhero. Buffy and Faith are the only Slayers I listen to. I played WOW, LOTRO, Two Moons and Star Wars: The Old Republic. I LOVE Fable. But that fact that I just now couldn’t remember the name of Fable is what would be used against me to “prove” the alleged fakeness of my geekness. And my knowledge on my fandoms may not be extensive, that’s a lot of things to remember and I have the worst memory every – as evident by not knowing the name of a game I played for months on end.

Yet I know that when I attended Awesome Con there were some who were judging me because I was a female. They were thinking I was just there because my husband “made me”. In fact it was the other way around. Don’t get me wrong – he had a blast – but the convention world is just not his thing.

I saw the following video on Upworthy this morning and it struck a chord. These two fanboys know what they’re talking about! Female equates Fake?

So this is my reaction to all the “guys” who think girl geeks are fakes: