In my meanderings on Pinterest I came across two images that immediately set my blood boiling.



Now I can see you looking at these two pictures and going “Huh?” You think they’re just cute adorable little onsies. They’re just making fun of Dads.

There. That’s the problem. They’re perpetuating that stereotype that Dads can’t do this or that. They can’t function well enough to take care of a baby. They can’t even figure out how to put a onsie on. And that is a major problem in my mind.

It doesn’t matter what gender you may be – having and raising a child is hard work. It’s frustrating, exhausting and some days you’re not sure you can do it. But the rewards are so high and amazing you can’t imagine NOT doing it. Granted there are things a female body can do that a male cannot – such as carrying the child, giving birth and breast-feeding. But none of these things in any way negates or lessens the impact of a father.

Men are just as capable or incapable of taking care of a tiny human than their female counterparts. If we continue to perpetuate this stereotype that Dads just can’t do it, that it’s too “complicated” for them – we’re in essence saying that taking care of children is “women’s work”.

I know that when me and my husband have children that it will be an equal partnership – just as our marriage is. He will help with the bathing, feeding (in as much as he can), and dressing. I have a strong feeling he will be better at things than I will be – as he’s much better at keeping calm when tired and stressed.

If you want men to step up and “be a man – be a real father” you have to stop treating them like they don’t know what they’re talking about. Like you’re expecting a disaster to greet you when you come home after leaving the baby with Dad.

Not to mention same-sex couples. They’re no different from any other couple raising a child. They’re going to both be terrified, enthralled, exhausted and in love just as much as anyone else who has a baby. Gender doesn’t come into play on the emotions and competency of a parent.

Let’s stop with all this gender bias bullshit and just recognize that it takes a village to raise a child – and alienating people from that village based on gender is absolutely insane.