This is my new favorite song. I have a tendency to just listen to it on repeat. Honestly I blame The Bloggess – I saw it posted on her blog first and now I can’t get enough of it!

And truly besides its uplifting beat it also has some pretty inspiring lyrics about how everyone is beautiful from the bottom to the top. That weight is not the problem – society’s definition of beauty, complete with its photoshopping of pretty much every picture out there, is the problem. We see a photoshopped picture of a celebrity and are told that’s how we need to look. And this is reinforced by the TMZ like photos of a celebrity out doing normal things, not all dolled up for the camera and them fat shaming and ugly shaming those pictures.

This song does a great job of pointing that out and telling them go shove it. She is who she is and she’s proud of it. Except for ONE tiny small detail. Her mama tells her not to worry about her weight because boys really like a little more to hold onto at night.

WHAT? I should be proud of my body because a man likes it that way? No! I should be proud of my body because that’s who I am! I understand what she’s trying to say and get across here but that line still rubs me the wrong way. So I bring attention to it.

Men don’t make the woman. What they like doesn’t matter. Period. You need to be strong and independent, confidant in who you are. Whether your smaller, larger or somewhere in between if you aren’t happy with who you are – you shouldn’t be searching for someone else to complete you!

I rant and then turn the volume back up to listen to it again! Because seriously…it’s all about that bass, no treble! 🙂