I have recently fallen in love with Elizabeth Gilbert.

This all began when I found her TED Talk about Creative Genius. (You can see my response to that – as well as watch the TED Talk through this previous post). After seeing that talk I of course HAD to read her famous book “Eat, Pray, Love”. I have seen the movie a few years ago and while I enjoyed it – there was no spark or anything, it was just another movie in a long list of movies I’d watched.

So I put the book on hold at my library and it came through a few days ago. I’ve cuddled up a few nights now with my Kindle and dived right in. I haven’t had the chance to finish it but already I feel like she’s talking directly to me. It’s not that I’m experiencing anything even remotely similar to what Liz was going through when she wrote that book. The only similarity is that search for self, that search that I believe is a life long experience. (Unless you’re Ghandi or Jesus or some other enlightened being).

Each word has pulled me deeper into the book and with each new sentence I fall more and more in love with Liz. Her personality literally comes off the page and I feel like I’m sitting next to her as she tells me about her journey. Because of this instant attraction I have decided to get some Yoga and meditation into my life.

I’m not calling her my Guru (because I don’t have one…yet). But I can say with certainty that had I read this book a few years ago it would not have had the same impact on me as it does right now, in this instance. The timing – be it divine, coincidental, kismet, whatever – was perfect. It holds an answer to a question I didn’t know I was asking.

Now I can’t say that this Yoga/meditation isn’t just a phase or a calling for just this moment. Or maybe it’ll turn out to be a life long love. Either way right now I am thankful for it. And right now I am thankful for Elizabeth Gilbert taking the courage to share her experience with the world.