Days like today take that creative muse I have and bury her under a mountain of emotion that’s too tangled to process. So instead of forcing words to form into something that will honor those who lost their lives – which is just too much pressure – I look back on the what I posted on this day last year: Slurry to Numb

Those emotions I felt that day haven’t changed. I still am expected to feel so much more than what I feel. I have a response to what happened – but it is mostly numbed behind the every day occurrence acts like this have become.

And yet…yet I still hope. I hope for a better future for my kids. I think of ways to make my life one full of love and joy – focused on peace and creation of that peace. I try to pass that on to my friends and my family. I pray that it is something I will eventually pass on to my children. I don’t want to them to see something like the Navy Yard shooting, or Boston bombing, or the shootings of Fort Hood and shrug it off. In a perfect world I wouldn’t want them to ever have to see that in the first place. And so I focus on love and peace.

I will hold on to that love and that peace with every ounce of strength I have. I will put it out into the world. I will pray that one day love and peace is the norm – not hate and fear.

My thoughts and my prayers go to the families who are daily affected with tragedy and violence. And today they go to the families of those affected by the Navy Yard shooting.