Daily Prompt: Our free-write is back by popular demand: today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.




So I have to write for ten minutes. I don’t have a topic…I just have to write. This is going to be very bad. I mean a stream of random words that make no sense it most likely what this is going to turn into. It must have been like five minutes now – I should be almost done. Nope. Not even a full minute has passed.

This is going to be the longest ten minutes ever. I think I should apologize to all who read this post. Haha. At least it’s forcing me to write. Not to just post something I saw somewhere else. It’s forcing me to make my fingers work. Make my brain work.

Can’t say my brain is working all that well. My muse has been so silent lately – I think she’s hiding behind stress and fear. I’ve reached that point in my novel where I know certain scenes that I want, but not entirely sure how to move the characters to those scenes. I’ve started just putting little breaks in the manuscript and working on the next scene (no matter how long or short it ends up). And then moving to the next scene. It feels choppy and hurts but I’m forcing myself to keep the forward momentum.

I set goals for myself on this novel and I want to meet them. I need to meet them. I can’t let my fear hold me back. So I work with what I have and I pull the words out from who knows where while I wait for my muse to come back to me. Hopefully if I can keep this forward momentum eventually I’ll be back in the swing of things. And then once I get to the end it’ll be the fun part of going back, reworking/editing, adding that flow. I know that’s going to take a long time, longer than I think I’ve prepared for.

I’m trying to decide if I give the rough manuscript to someone to help edit for flow and cohesive content. Can I afford to pay someone to help me get my novel to a working manuscript? If I’m going to be self-publishing I’m going to need more help from others to make it ready – because I won’t be sending to a professional editor or anything like that. But am I getting ahead of myself thinking about that? I’m not anywhere even writing THE END into the manuscript.

But I’m a planner so it’s natural that I”m going to plan out the next steps when it comes to my novel.

Only three and half more minutes left.

Seriously I didn’t realize how much I could actually write in ten minutes. Maybe this is a really good writing prompt. Oh who am I kidding – of course it is! It’s forcing me to write, and I’m seeing how much I can write in just ten minutes if I just sit down and write. So I can start scheduling ten minutes for my novel everyday. If I start that I can probably coax my muse back into the forefront and really get some serious work done.

I’m starting to worry about writing a biography..and those little summaries and such for my book. I wonder if whoever I get to help me with editing will be able to help me with those. I could make those blog posts – with polls at the end and get some constructive feedback. I mean that’s why I got back into blogging – to help my writing. Why not use the community I’m starting to build?

One minute left.

This was a great prompt.

I can’t wait to do it again.

Even if I was afraid at the beginning.

And  yet another lesson why one should not allow fear to hold you back.

Thank you Daily Prompt. Thank you so much.

And now I have written for ten minutes without stopping.