There’s one in every bunch.

You know who they are.

They’re that person who just came up with the best idea ever – it will solve the problem and it’s absolutely the most simple thing in the world that they’re in complete shock no one else has ever thought of it. Their eyes light up and they nod at you like “cheer me on man, I’ve solved your problem, it’s fixed!”

Never mind that this is the fourth time they’ve gleefully had this idea. The fourth time they’ve patted themselves on the back for being the smartest person in the room. The fourth time where they’ve completed ignored any basic logic.

Because you’ve explained to them each time this idea came to them that it wasn’t going to work. It wasn’t safe and it wasn’t going to fix the problem – just add the risk of more problems, ones that couldn’t be fixed. They tell you – well let’s just try it and see. I mean you never know until you try.

Seriously? Do you have to try running with scissors to know that’s a bad idea? Or what about just jumping off a bridge – no bungee cord, nothing, just jump? Quite often all it takes is a little bit of if/than logic to realize nope, bad idea. Don’t do that.

But there’s one in every bunch. Who insists that you never know until you try.

Thinning of the herds. That’s what that person is there for.

It’s not a good sign when that person…is your boss.