This weekend (Sunday actually) I caved into my curiosity to play Rift. My husband has been playing it for a good six months and I finally sat down and started playing.

Of course five hours later I realized maybe I shouldn’t have started playing. Because that five hours what else could I have been doing? I could have been writing a blog (times five), working on my novel, doing laundry, cleaning something, taking a nap, watching a TV show, reading a book…I mean so many things I could have been doing.

I have added yet another thing to my already out of whack work/life balance. Now I want to spend all my free time reading, watching TV and playing Rift. I don’t have that much free time – unless I completely ignore other areas in my life, i.e. cleaning.

I think come tomorrow – since it’s the first day of a brand new month. Once of my favorite months to be exact. Anyway…tomorrow I will begin scheduling out my day. To the minute. It seems over kill I know but until I have a normal routine I will have to schedule everything out. I need to get certain things done. And I can’t complain that I don’t have time to write – when I have five hours to play Rift. It just doesn’t work like that.

So starting tomorrow. There will be more time spent on fine tuning that work/life balance. Being burnt out in both areas is not a good thing – but is most assuredly the direction I’m heading it if I don’t do something to change it.

So wish me luck!