Yesterday I saw this and along with many other of course got up in arms…


And now I’m going to rant about why it’s bad – not just for all the girls out their but all the boys too!


1 – This shirt implies that a girl cannot be a superhero – merely his wife. Not his partner in saving the world, but the stereotypical 1950’s wife. This is bad for girls for the obvious reason of it’s not the 1950’s any more, and wouldn’t we rather send the message that our girls can be superheros too? This is bad for boys because we want to them to expect an equal partnership when it comes to marriage and where’s the equal treatment shirt of “Training to be Batwoman’s Husband”?

2 – Pink? Seriously? Why do all girl comic book/sports shirts need to be pink? Pink does not suddenly make it that much cooler to girls. I mean last I checked Barbara Gordon wore black and yellow as Batgirl – not pink. Pink is not a girl’s color. Blue is not a boys color. It’s just a color. And if you want to be really technical about it – traditionally pink was a boy’s color and blue was a girl’s color.

I want to raise my future children to not see color – and to treat everyone the same. That includes assigning pink and blue to someone based on their visible to the eye gender. I want my daughter to think they can be anyone from Batgirl to Mrs. Brady – as long as she’s true to herself that’s all that matters. I want my son to think he can be anyone from Batman to Mr. Dad – as long as he’s true to himself that’s all that matters. I want them to know it doesn’t matter what their favorite color is, what kind of toy they like, what their sexual orientation is, what their gender is – that they are loved and that they matter as human beings.

So I’m going to let my son wear pink and tutu’s if he so chooses. And he will grow up strong in who he is and know to fight for the rights of those whose rights are being stolen. I am going to let my daughter cut her hair short and play football if she so chooses. And she will grow up strong in who she is and know to fight for the rights of those whose rights are being stolen.

When I see shirts like the above I repeat this promise to myself. Society will not define what I allow my children to be. My children will define what society is.