So what can make a grown woman scream like a 2-year old sweet toothed child taken to a candy store for the first time? Repeatedly?

Well for this grown woman it’s spending the evening talking with YA authors such as Marissa Meyer, Anne Eliot and Kelly Oram.

Kelly Oram was hosting an online Facebook launch party for her new book “Cinder & Ella”. I joined the party looking for ideas of what to do when  it comes time to market my own novel. And basically had the most fantastic five hours of my life.


First Marissa Meyer (writer of the Lunar Chronicles which I just happen to be reading at the moment) answered my questions! Not once – but THREE TIMES.

When she came on I like normal non freaking out person – said Hi and explained how I was totally engrossed in the third book of the Chronicles Cress.


And then I of course had to ask her about NaNoWriMo because I knew she had participated in it before and I am going to be participating in it for the first time! I made mention that I would be using it to work on my first novel.


She asked what my novel was about so I gave her the short of it. And then…highlight!


Second – I spoke with Anne Eliot – we’re now Like Buddies (it’s a thing now – deal with it). And after we bonded over our mutual love of Anne of Green Gables she then sent me a free e-copy of her book “Unmaking Hunter Kennedy”! Um – that’s about the nicest thing EVER!


And then! Then I won one of the contests Kelly Oram had made – and the prize! Signed swag of her new book! I never win anything! What a fantastic way to top off the evening!

So basically I spent five hours completely fangirling out and squealing. At one point – I kid you not – I jumped up and down yelling “SHE THINKS MY BOOK IDEA IS EPIC!!!”.

The perks of being a writer with a serious yen for YA authors!