The Only Thing I Have To Say About Gamer Gate – Felicia Day

I have always greatly enjoyed Felicia Day – and all that she does not only in the gaming community but in the entire “geek” community. She’s a strong woman, with a great eye for business, a talented actor and an avid gamer. I respect and admire her – and can only hope that one day I will get to enjoy a serious fan girl freak out moment if I get to meet her at a convention. If that happens I will probably pass out. I’m prepared for that.

This post makes me have even more respect for her. This Gamer Gate shit is seriously that – SHIT! People like Felicia Day have done a LOT for the gaming community and to threaten their lives over the sheer fact they’re female is asinine. I understand why she wanted to keep quiet – both out of fear for her safety (which is painful that she would have to deal with that) as well as why would you bother giving these people the time of day – that only encourages them to continue their dangerous and hateful antics.

However I am very grateful that she has spoken out – and so calmly and respectfully. A class act is Felicia Day and I support her 100%!