So I haven’t been inspired to write much lately. Many of my posts have been complaining about my lack of writing – posts which I’ve forced myself to write despite their repetitive and dreary topic just to keep some words flowing. NaNoWriMo is just around the corner and I’ve done some preparation on my novel – but I don’t want to do too much because I’ve been preparing for nine years and written the first 60,000 words in the past nine years. I just want to bang out the rest and get it done. And that’s what November will be for me. The month to get it done.

Last night I had a few story ideas pop into my head. I, like the good writer that I am, of course wrote them down. They seem like good ideas – then again don’t all ideas seem good at one point? Anyway, it’s the most creative I’ve felt in a while. So my muse is slowly starting to push her way back through the stress of work and life and rear her beautiful head. Of course she’s quiet and hesitant, thankfully not overloading me and forcing me to write RIGHT NOW…those are fun days. Exhausting but fun. And I hope for them to appear in November – days that remind me on a grand scale how much I love writing.

But for now – with plans in November to focus solely on my novel – what do I do with these other ideas? I don’t want them to fall away and get lost in the land of forgotten story ideas. It’s not like they’d be alone there but I will need them at some point. Do I attempt to flesh them out now? Do I wait until November? How do I keep the momentum on my novel, not lose sight of those goals I’ve already set for myself? I have these ideas – they’ve demanded to be heard and recognized. So I’ve done that…now what?