I leaned my head against the cool window. I could feel it’s temperature through the hood I had pulled up over my head. The metal ledge cut into my shoulder but I was too tired to sit up straight, so I ignored the pain. I tucked my feet up underneath me. Since it was dark outside I closed my eyes and focused only on the music coming through my headphones. It was loud enough to block out the person sitting next to me who was snoring. It blocked out the person in front of me who was listening to her music without any headphones. And the lady behind me yelling into her phone.

The music came together in the middle of my head – making it feel like Dave Matthews was performing just for me. It swirled around my brain taking over everything. It pulled me into a fugue state where I could no longer feel my body. The music was the only thing. I wasn’t awake but I wasn’t asleep either. I couldn’t feel the bus bouncing along the road beneath me. The cold window had faded into the background, taking along with it the metal ledge digging into my shoulder.

I don’t know how much time passed like this. It was a state of bliss. Interrupted only by my phone pingingĀ to let me know I’d received a text message.