Here’s my first update regarding NaNoWriMo!

Best idea I’ve had for writing in a while. I’m glad I decided to do it – even with how busy work is this month it’s been really great. I haven’t made the goal every day – and yesterday I didn’t write at all (I through my back out and thought writing while in pain was probably a bad idea). But some days I wrote more than the daily goal and today I’ve already made up for not writing yesterday, which means when I get home tonight after work I can write more and catch up – or even get ahead!

I’ve learned that while it forces me to write every day – which is a good thing – I don’t have to stress about the goal so much. I write what I can. If I don’t make it that day, there’s always the next day when my inspiration might be higher or I have the focus to really pound out a good scene quickly and go over the word goal. I’m hoping that this weekend I can really bang out lots of words so that I’m not stressing myself out during the week.

That’s the hardest part I think. Well I wouldn’t say that it’s really hard per se. I just spend all week wishing I was writing. Wishing I wasn’t at work. Wishing I wasn’t so busy so I could find a few minutes to get some words down. Or so tired when I get home from work that sitting at the computer seems just to exhausting to do. It’s a daily struggle but one that I’m enjoying.

I love writing. It’s hard. It’s frustrating. My characters don’t always do what I want them to do. Sometimes the plot just abruptly disappears. But I can’t imagine not writing. It makes me look back on those years of writer’s block and realize that so much stress and writer’s depression could have been avoided if I’d forced myself to sit down and just WRITE. Just babble out a few random sentences here and there. I would have saved myself so much heartache.

So, score one for NaNo! Granted it’s been only seven days – a single week, with three more to go. I may get to the end of next week and decide I hate everything I’ve written and want to throw it out the window. While I really hope that doesn’t happen, because this story has been nine years in the making, it could happen. I’ll try to keep my head up though, and my fingers typing. My story will progress forward, one random scene at a time.

And come December I’ll settle down to the daunting and insane task of trying to put it all in order, add transitions and really pull the first and VERY rough draft together. Because my goal is to have some beta readers/editors see it come January 2015.


Word Count written these past 7 days of NaNo: 10,155

Word Count on novel BEFORE NaNo: 28,000

Word Count on novel AFTER NaNo: 38,531

Goal for the END of NaNo: 78,000