I had all these great plans for this weekend with NaNo. It was double up weekend. I was going to write double the word count goal on both Sunday and Saturday. I was going to get ahead and really get some words down.

I was lucky to make the daily word count goal, especially on Saturday. I look back at the words I wrote and literally cringe. I don’t like the entire scene and am struggling against every fiber in my being to not start rewriting that scene already. I’m forcing myself to push through, to get the daily word count even on days when for whatever reason writing has become absolutely impossible. I’m keeping myself from being sucked into the editing process. That’s for after November. I just need to have a rough draft.

Key word on ROUGH.

Then last night at about 11:30pm when I should have been asleep and dreaming, I was suddenly smacked in the face with about a dozen different scenes that I could write. So like the crazy person that is Writer I reached over, grabbed my phone and in a little note program jotted down every single one of the ideas that had popped up in my brain. I thankfully was still sane enough to not just pull the computer over and stay up all night writing. But I’m not stupid enough to think that I’ll be able to remember all those ideas in the morning, so they were written down. And hopefully that little burst of ideas will help get me through one more week of NaNo.

One more week and I’ll be half way through!