I spent this weekend on a serious writing bender. Between Saturday and Sunday I wrote 6,609 words and broke the 30,000 mark! I would work in half hour spurts which seemed to work really well for me. It meant that in between each spurt of writing I was constantly thinking about what I could write next and thinking of other scenes I might want to attempt to put my characters in. It really helped to keep the momentum going, which is exactly what I needed.


This week at work is incredibly busy with late nights and very early mornings, which makes it very difficult to think about writing. But I’m ahead of the word count goal and that eases some of my panic about how much I’m going to be able to write this week. I still have the hope of reaching the end game of 50,000 before Thanksgiving. Hopefully since I’m ahead I can just write a little throughout this week and then this weekend have another stellar word count weekend, where I reach the WINNING stage. 🙂

Fingers crossed. I’m coming to the point where because I’d already written a good 20,000 words before NaNo even started, my novel is reaching its endpoint. That’s a good thing. I’m just trying not to panic about all the editing that awaits me in December. One step at a time!