Last night’s attempt to write was the most difficult I’ve faced since the month got started. It started with getting up at 4am for work and then working for a nice eleven hours straight. Such is the life of an event planner on event day! But I came home from work determined, despite my exhaustion to at least make the 1667 NaNo word count for the day.

Then I got distracted by the last three episodes of the last season of Gilmore Girls. I managed to binge watch the entire series (7 seasons with 22 episodes each) in a month and 19 days. Not exactly the accomplishment I was looking for – but sadly it was enough to make my exhausted self happy. So once I finished those last three episodes I was going to buckle down and write.

I wrote for a few minutes. Checked my word count. Wrote for a few more minutes. Checked my word count. Rinse and repeat. I forced myself to keep going. But I had to get up a few times and just wander around, especially because I was starting to obsess about the word count. I managed to get over just 2,000 words and went to bed happy that I managed to write that much despite the struggle, exhaustion and distraction.

Then this morning I wanted to test the validation feature on NaNo – because now you can validate to show you’ve won…so even though I’m nowhere near winning I wanted to test it. BAD IDEA. Because now it says I’ve written 500 words less than I thought I had 😦 I’m going with the assumption that my math skills are the problem here. It could very well be the NaNo site – but I know my ability to do math. It’s one of the reasons I’m a writer, not a mathematician. Simple addition, even with the help of calculators can sometimes elude me. And so now I have fewer words written than I thought.

I’m trying desperately not to let last night’s struggle or today’s math error get me down. I’m looking forward to this weekend when I can repeat last weekend – sit down and really bang out some scenes. Hopefully work on some transitions, so that the editing in December won’t be so traumatic. I’m in the downhill part of the climb  – that 50k goal is there. I will win it. I have ten more days for the NaNo imposed goal and I have 7 more days for my personal goal of winning before Thanksgiving.

I can do this.

But the good kind of downhill...

But the good kind of downhill…