Every since NaNo finished I haven’t had the energy or the inspiration to write a blog post. So I apologize for the sparsity of my posts as of late.

What with my job life – being demoted is always a great way to begin the holiday season – it has taken all my energy to begin the joyous process of looking for a new job. Certainly don’t want to stay where I’m so obviously not wanted.

Then of course I get lost in the dreaming of what it would be like if I could just be a full-time writer, if that was my daily job. I have that dream (what writer doesn’t?) of one day selling my first novel, and then being picked up by a publishing company and *BAM* I’ve suddenly made it and can spend all my time working on the next novel. I’m not at the stage – but hopefully I can keep my forward momentum with my NaNo novel and have a first draft manuscript for beta readers/editors come the New Year!

Be on the look out for (hopefully) a few more creative posts as I attempt to keep the creative muse alive and working, as I slog through the editing process on my novel. Editing is not always good for the creative muse – at least not for me. So I’ll be working with prompts and such to keep her active and not yelling at me for spending so much time editing which she finds tedious and boring. My muse is a fickle little thing that must be constantly appeased – editing is not the way to her heart!



Not to mention that somewhere I’m supposed to begin Christmas shopping and preparing for the multitude of family gatherings to celebrate the holidays (which includes my husband and my birthdays!). I greatly enjoy Christmas and family time – but the preparation that comes before hand can sometimes be insanely exhausting, and takes away from the time I would rather spend writing. Or reading. Or doing anything else besides putting my anxious self into a massive mob of angry shoppers out to get that best deal on the best present ever! Thank goodness for my love of Amazon and online shopping – saves me on panic attacks!

So Happy Holidays faithful readers! Here’s to creative writing, sanity amidst chaos, and finding a new job!