She sat in the car – her head leaning against the cold window. She could feel the cold seeping from the glass to her skin, traveling down her body to raise goose bumps across her skin. Still she didn’t move. She stared straight ahead her eyes blinking slowly.

In front of car was a sidewalk that meandered into a wooded area. It was lined with those lamps that had a great bulb at the end, looking like bulb plants sticking backwards out of the ground. They gave off a dim yellowish light that only illuminated the sidewalk, nothing any further away. Leaves swirled in mini tornadoes around the edges of the sidewalk as the cold biting winter wind swept around the woods.

The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. She sat up straight, pulling her head from the window almost like it had been glued there. She heard a crack in her neck as her spine adjusted itself against her abrupt movement. She squinted her eyes. She could see a shadow in the woods, just barely in her line of sight. She slowly raised her hand up and flicked the lock switch on the door. She let out a sigh at the comforting sound of all the door locks sliding into place.

She crouched back, trying to hide herself in the shadows of her car. The shadowy figure was drawing closer as she tried to not move and draw attention to herself. She began sending up a silent prayer in the hopes someone, anyone was watching out for her. The figure came down the sidewalk, pausing just long enough in the dim light for her to make him out.

It was a tall man. He was hunched over from the wind, wrapped in a heavy thick coat that came down all the way to his knees. He had a thick white mustache that stood out stark against the darkness of the night. He was caring two heavily laden grocery bags that he kept shuffling against his arms, trying to not drop them. He picked up his speed as another gust of wind swirled across the sidewalk.

She sat back up as the man raced past her. He was aiming directly for the apartment buildings front door, head ducked to keep the wind from his face. Her hair settled back down to its normal state and her heart beat gradually slowed. She could still feel the sweat against the back of her neck, cooling enough to make her shiver. Adrenaline was still coursing through her body and as it had nowhere to go she swallowed back the nausea.

She leaned her head back to the side. The cold of the glass once again transferred to her skin. She returned to watching the cold wind swirl in the dark.