So I’ve had a lot of extra time on my hands…time I should be using productively to edit my novel. But then I take one look at the random scenes and all the organization it needs and panic. I hit save (just in case) and then close the document.

Who wants to be their own editor? No one – unless of course you’re one of those people that thrives on the joy of editing. Me, I panic. It’s a lot of work, a lot of work that needs to get done in order to achieve my goal of self-publishing this year. It may only be the 7th day of 2015 but I excel at procrastination such that it will be day 152 before I know it and I’ll be at the same place I am right now.

So here’s the blog post stating that I’m going to edit today. It may only be for half an hour. But if I can manage half an hour on the treadmill (my next stop after this blog post) than I can certainly spend a half hour working on my novel.

Continue with the encouragement my fellow readers and remember that everyone has those days…weeks…where they just don’t want to do something. We have goals though and in order to reach them we have to put in the hard work. So hard work – here I come.

Provided of course the treadmill isn’t the death of me.