One of my most used reasons to skip going downstairs to our apartment’s gym, or going outside for a walk, or any sort of physical exercise is the book I’m currently reading. I get so wrapped up in the book I don’t want to “waste time” to go work out. I use my reading as a reason to continue sitting on the couch or curled up under the covers – lost in some fantastical world.

Today I (re)found the joy of the stationary bike at our downstairs gym. I typed in 45 minutes for the calorie burn workout, with level 6 as my max. Then I propped my Kindle up on the dashboard and spent the next 45 minutes completely lost in the book I just started. By the time the bike beeped at me to tell me my 45 minutes were up I was so wrapped up in the book I probably would have continued biking for longer if it hadn’t dinged and drawn my attention.

Seriously it was the fastest 45 minute work out ever. It went by before I even knew it. I worked up a great sweat and really pushed myself. (So much so that going grocery shopping this afternoon was a little difficult as my legs feel a bit rubbery). And in my reading heavy brain no time was wasted working out because I was able to read at the same time.

I think me and the stationary bike are going to have a great relationship this year!

Daughter of Smoke and Bone - Laini Taylor (the book I'm currently reading)

Daughter of Smoke and Bone – Laini Taylor (the book I’m currently reading)