Today is my birthday. The best part about birthdays is that I am just as excited about this birthday, number 31, than I was about all the birthdays of my childhood. I like celebrating a year of my life and get great joy out of spending it with friends and family, helping to ground and center me as I begin the next year of my life.

This year has held lots of accomplishments: taking a novel-writing class, winning NaNoWriMo among the more notable in my head. But it also has had its share of disappointments: stressful job, then being let go from stressful job and beginning the oh so daunting task of looking for a new job.

But each thing that’s happened, be it good, bad, stressful or not has taught me something about myself and helped me continue to grow which makes it a good year.

Thankfully thought this year did not include growing up at all! I went bowling for my birthday and had the best time playing a Batman racing game and Skeeball as well. The child in me is very happy come birthday time! 🙂

Psyched to race the Batmobile!

Psyched to race the Batmobile!