Icky rainy days are the perfect backdrop for getting some editing done. I’m working on my tablet which is not my best mode of writing and being able to look at the full view of the manuscript but at least I am working on it.

I worked steadily for an hour and came to the joyous realization that I may know the grammar rules but that they have no baring on me when it comes to actually writing a novel. For more than one reason.

One of the main reasons is that when I’m in the zone and really writing I have a tendency to go so fast that I’m lucky that I’m typing in English, let alone getting the spelling and grammar correct. I have a strong tendency to ALWAYS type it’s even when the majority of the time I actually mean to use its. Which I find amusing. That I am conditioned to type the extra symbol when you would think it would be much easier to just type its all the time is hilarious to me.

The other reason I think the grammar rules are much harder to adhere to when writing a novel is just that. It is a novel. For me I am trying to write the way that feels and sounds natural. There are some grammatical rules, especially when it comes to the format that just don’t work in a novel. I am writing fantasy so the world is something I have made up and so it follows my own rules, rules that of course I explain to the reader…or at least that I am working on explaining, that is the whole point of editing.

When my characters are talking they are talking like most people would and that is not with perfect grammatical usage. So today I had to remember that just because the grammar check wants me to fix something that it doesn’t mean I have to. All though I do have to fix its vs it’s…which I’m pretty sure I am going to be fixing a lot of during this process.

Actually looking forward to getting back home to my computer where I can get a lot of editing work done. I also have some great ideas for a few more novels which I feel ready to start prepping. I am starting to feel like a professional writer despite not yet having published my first novel. That is just around the corner!!