I had forgotten how much research goes into starting a new novel. I have the idea – and joyously I have the first scene (thank you to the Dream Gods for gifting me the first scene just like they did with my first novel).

So as a way to take a break from editing The Judas Tree but to keep myself writing I have begun the research for what I hope to be my next novel The Last Goddess. Of course its topic and characters are completely different from The Judas Tree, it’s a new world to create plus I have to do more research to make the modern world seem right. I don’t do much in the real world, because for me it’s much easier to just make something up – but this novel needs to have a lot of scenes in the real world and therefore requires a lot more research.

It’s nice to have so much to work on. I’m making daily progress with The Judas Tree and it really looks like I’ll be able to self-publish this year like I planned. And in the mean time I’m beginning The Last Goddess…which may or may not go anywhere, because who knows if this story must be told to others, but I’m starting it and seeing where it goes. If it becomes something, great I have my second novel, if not that’s okay to, because my head is swimming with ideas and stories that want to be told.

It’s so good to have my Muse back and in control. Even if she’s a little demanding at this point in time.