Looking at the stats for this month have been really encouraging!

I had 557 views – which is the most I have had in any month since I started this blog. What a great start to the year! My goal is reach 600 views next month, which should be fun since it’s a shorter month. I think it’s completely doable thanks to my wonderful readers, friends and family who are all encouraging me on this writing journey I have undertaken.


A few updates: Starting tomorrow I will be reblogging The 2K international Writers’ Blog Tour by Kate Evans and Kate M. Colby. The “two Kates will be bringing you 23 interviews from writers of all locations, and experience levels. The interviews will be relatively short and sweet, and I strongly encourage you to check them all out, engage with the writers, and share the interviews on your blog and/or social media sites“. I am one of the authors they chose to interview and am very happy to be a part of this. I believe it will be a great way to get my name out there, to show others my writing, my writing progress, and to really help me when I begin the process of self-publishing later this year.

2k blog tour pic

And last but certainly not least – thank you to all my readers this month for helping me start this year off right!

thank you note