There are days when I forget what my age is and I still feel like I’m about 15 and I can’t believe that I’m married and own things. There are other days when I feel MUCH older and can’t figure out how I managed to get this old so fast.

But then there are days when I can’t figure out how old I am but I feel old…ish.

Take Friday night for example. A lovely night – having a date with my wife, dinner and movie. It was a great catch-up time of chatter, laughter and a pretty good movie. But there was one moment when I felt old…ish.

We were both walking out of the restaurant heading towards the movie theater when we walked past a young woman, probably the same age as us, who was wearing a thin shirt/dress and knee-high boots, leaving the majority of her legs bare. Nothing too unusual about the outfit…expect for the fact it’s February and it was probably 12 degrees outside. Both my friend and I turned to each other and stated “that girl forgot to put on pants”.

I can look back on many of my numerous outfit choices over the years and yes there were many a night when I was going out that I wore things in the freezing cold that were just fine once I got to where I was going – I was particularly fond of the backless shirt. Of course now you couldn’t pay me enough to wear a backless shirt in February. Even with a coat on I would be freezing. Not to mention I would feel really old attempting to wear something my 18-year-old self wore.

Now don’t get me wrong, I wear my Batman shirts and even my Batman dresses (with cape!) often, and I love shirts from my movies or books. I’m a card-carrying t-shirt wearing, jeans and chucks girl. Through and through. I’m short, barely five feet, but I’ll ignore heels like the plague. I used to wear them all the time but damn it they hurt my feet and I don’t want to have my feet hurt. I have some nice low heels that I wear when I’m dressed up, or in business casual for work, but that’s it.

I don’t know if it’s age or maturity or what…but I feel that my style has evolved with me. I know that when we have kids I’ll end up with that rebellious teenage daughter who insists on wearing backless shirts that I’m going to want to scream at her for wearing – that’s the way of the world – but I also know that at some point dressing provocatively becomes seriously undermined by the need to dress functionally.

So while I’m in the middle stage where I don’t have kids, but still have the mother tone in my voice when I see a grown woman wearing less than appropriate clothing choices – I get very confused about how old I really am.

Seriously though – how did I ever wear a skirt in below freezing temps? I know I did – I just don’t know why.


I hope this song is stuck in your head