So I still consider myself new to this whole blogging thing. I haven’t read much about it, or really spent the time to learn all the best and brightest techniques on gaining readers and followers. That hasn’t really been the goal for me with this blog. It’s to give me a place to write, a reason to keep writing, to stave off any writers’ block that attempts to gain control over my inspiration again. It’s an outlet where sometimes I can create or at other times rant. For me, that’s all to the good.

But I have a page that is dedicated to my writing journey, specifically relating to my first novel. I had written a few posts that I wanted to appear under The Judas Tree on my Home page…I ranted and raved for weeks about why these posts NEVER got any views and weren’t showing up where they were supposed to. I looked at forums and help pages for WordPress. I had convinced myself that I was a complete moron.

Then last night I took the time to open up my eyes, read ALL of the things down the left side of my dashboard and found the joy of Menu’s. So now when you go to my Home page and run your mouse over The Judas Tree tab you will see the drop down posts “Prologue” and “Novel Writing”. The latter is in reference to the writing class I took. And the former is the prologue to my novel. I have updated the prologue a little since that original posting but it would be great if any of you lovely readers could take the time and send me comments regarding the prologue.

Also remember – opening your eyes you can really gain some intelligence. And intelligence can go a long way!

bigpreview_Wide Open Eyes