You know that feeling when you’re awake but you feel like you’re asleep? Everything is happening slower than usual, as if it’s taking an extra five seconds for your brain to even process what is happening around you.

Imagine that molasses brain fog is happening…then you curl up under a big thick warm blanket on the couch, bundled up in comfy leggings and a sweatshirt. You’re warm and toasty. You’re reading Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher (I’m not done with it so no spoilers!). It’s written almost in that same frame of mind. It’s choppy – the good kind. Short sentences that are filled with exceptional imagery.

I’m pretty sure somewhere in that slurry I fell asleep. But honestly I can’t entirely be sure. I just knew that time was moving at an odd pace and I thought I’d read the same page a few times but couldn’t really be sure because it didn’t process until the last time I read it. I got up and walked around, sat down to write a blog post. Anything to shake my brain back into its normal functionality.

Instead I’m sitting here listening to Julia Stone on Spotify – an Aussie singer/songwriter I didn’t know existed until I started reading Mud Vein. And now I’m pretty sure the music is only fueling my brain fog, sucking me back in. Guess it’s telling me to just curl back up and get lost in Mud Vein again.

Man, Tarryn Fisher effects a readers brain function! This book is tragic, painful and at the same time unbelievably beautiful. I want to finish it but I don’t want to reach the end. Been a while since I’ve read a book like this.